Root Canal Treatment

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is indicated when your tooth’s pulp is infected, usually due to damage to the tooth or tooth decay. The treatment is carried out using the latest technology  & involves removing the infected tissue from inside the tooth, thoroughly cleaning and sterilising it to ensure no infection remains, and then filling the space to seal and protect it from further infection.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Historically, patients have been wary of root canals as they had a reputation for being painful. Rest assured that today’s root canal treatment is no more painful than having a simple filling. Some patients may feel a slight sensitivity for a few days afterwards, but this can be relieved with over-the counter-medication, and our specialist will be on hand to advise accordingly.

What happens after root canal treatment?

Following a root canal, we will often advise on the placement of a crown to reinforce the affected tooth. This is because, once the root has died and there is no more blood supply to the tooth, it will become more brittle and prone to cracking or breaking.

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