Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments in Ascot

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Ascot, Sunningdale & Sunninghill

Here at White Smiles, as our name suggests, we know that appearances matter. It’s why we put so much thought into the presentation of our practice, and we also know it’s why you are as concerned about how your teeth look as you are about your oral health. That’s why we we’re always looking for ways to not only reduce the negative impact of dental treatment on the appearance of your teeth, but to make the best use of modern dentistry to improve your looks.

Cosmetic dental treatments

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White (composite) fillings

Traditional metal (amalgam) fillings are now out of fashion, as they are considered unsightly and many are concerned about the constant presence of metal, especially mercury, in the mouth. Instead, where appropriate, we offer natural tooth-coloured composite, or ‘white’, fillings that use the latest bonding technology in order to preserve more of your natural tooth.

White fillings are now our most popular option for treating small areas of tooth decay. The advantages of white fillings are the lack of metal in your mouth and their completely natural appearance. Composites are not only used for new dental repairs - your old amalgam fillings may also be covered or even removed and replaced with white fillings, depending on the advice of your dentist.

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Porcelain veneers are a quick and simple makeover solution for teeth that are stained, crooked or worn, chipped or damaged through an accident or decay. Veneers are durable, aesthetic and reliable. Veneers can also help fill in small gaps between teeth or enhance the appearance of existing crowns and bridges without the need for drilling.

A veneer is a thin shell, much like a false fingernail, custom-made to cover the front of a prepared tooth in order to restore or improve its appearance. Made of porcelain or composite materials, veneers are then colour-matched to the existing shade of your other teeth.

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Smile makeovers

Sometimes you want to revamp your smile but just aren’t sure how to begin or which treatments would make the most difference. That’s why we offer a Smile Makeover, which essentially is a holistic look at your smile. Together we’ll decide which treatment, or combination of treatments, would be best suited to your dental needs, aesthetic goals and of course your timescale and budget.