Restorative Dentistry

Porcelain crowns and bridges in Sunningdale

Restorative solutions to give you your smile back

Whether you've got chipped, cracked or decayed teeth, or even lost a tooth completely, we can restore your smile to its former glory (or make it even better). With a comprehensive range of restorative solutions, ranging from tooth-coloured crowns to the latest dentures, we will find the right solution for your smile!

Restorative dental treatments

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Ceramic crowns

Dental crowns are ceramic restorations placed over damaged teeth to improve their shape, size or function. Crowns are generally used to provide strength after a root canal treatment or to reinforce a heavily filled, decayed or broken tooth.

Traditionally, metal-based crowns were used to strengthen or rebuild teeth. However, many patients didn’t want large amounts of metal in their mouths, for health and aesthetic reasons. Today, porcelain and pressed ceramic crowns are a completely metal-free and attractive option. They are custom-crafted to be bespoke to you, matching the exact colour, texture and translucency of your natural teeth.

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Dental bridges offer a permanent solution for missing teeth, and will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges aren’t removable, so they provide your mouth with increased support and stability.

Fitting a bridge requires crowning teeth on one or both sides of the ‘missing teeth' and then fixing a series of natural-looking artificial teeth to them, therefore ‘bridging the gap'. Bridges can replace a single missing tooth or a whole section of teeth.

Because bridges are custom-made to fit your mouth and match your own teeth, they are barely noticeable. They can restore the natural contour of your mouth, as well as the correct biting relationship between upper and lower teeth. It’s also important to replace missing teeth in order to prevent stress and shifting of adjacent teeth.

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Dentures are a traditional restorative option for missing teeth. Affordable and convenient, dentures restore your smile and mouth functions for eating and speech, whilst being removable to clean. At White Smiles, we take care to make your denture bespoke to fit not only the shape of your gums and mouth, but the contour and colouring of your whole face, to give you the most natural-looking restoration possible.