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We offer Saturday and late evening appointments that fit around busy family schedules.


Caring for your families oral health


Dental check-ups for children of our registered adult patients, up to the age of 18 are FREE OF CHARGE!

At White Smiles, we like to emphasise the importance of preventive care, and that starts early.

For this reason, we offer dental check-ups to children of our registered adult patients free of charge. We offer several treatments specifically designed for our younger patients.

In addition to dental treatments, we also try to engage young patients with fun activities such as print-out activities and brushing charts. Parents are not left out either, as we also offer dietary advice and tips on how to pack healthy and teeth-friendly lunchboxes!

Routine check-ups and examinations

Bring your children in for regular check-ups from an early age, preferably before their first birthday, to get them used to having dental care as a routine part of their lives. It gives us a chance to identify any developing problems in plenty of time for early treatment.

Fissure sealants and Fluoride varnishes

This involves a clear coating to be painted onto their teeth, permanently or temporarily, to protect them from decay. This is a quick, easy and painless procedure and might be recommended if they have a tooth or teeth that are vulnerable to cavities.

Sports Guards

Bespoke guards to protect their teeth from damage whilst engaging in sports that involve contact or flying objects such as balls or hockey pucks. Our bespoke guards will fit their mouths much more effectively than over-the-counter ones, thus affording a higher level of protection.


Most commonly, extractions involve wisdom teeth, which appear during late adolescence and are notorious for causing problems. Some wisdom teeth do not erupt properly or become impacted and in these cases, it is better to have them removed.

Other teeth may need to be extracted if they are badly decayed and cannot be saved with other procedures, or because they are endangering the health of an adjacent tooth. We are pleased to offer a wealth of expertise meaning that we can offer both simple and more complex surgical extractions in house.

Once the extraction site has healed, we will be happy to discuss your options for replacing the missing tooth if appropriate.

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